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A few familiar faces are gracing the cover of thi month’s WIRED magazine! Take a trip behind the scenes of our studio in the cover story now and pick up the issue on stands next Tuesday: http://di.sn/ay2

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From Kurt Cobain to You: A Very important message for the young boys and men out there in the world.

"Remember that your older brothers, cousins, uncles and your fathers are not your role models. This means you do not do what they do, you do not do what they say. They come from a time when their role models told their sons to be mean to girls, to think of yourself as better and stronger and smarter than them. They also taught things like: You will grow up strong if you act tough and fight the boys who are known as nerds and geeks."

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The Photos Disney Characters Would Take If They Had Instagram Accounts by Simona Bonafini.

i love this tbh

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The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXV // Stanley Kubrick references

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Some Ever After High girls~!  Blondie has her game face on! >:P

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Steven Universe has grown on my heart so affectionately, so here’s a little fragment of my love

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Batgirl #35 - Babs’ OOTD No. 1 and OOTD No. 2
Here are some fashion illustrations inspired by what Babs was rocking in our first issue of Batgirl! <3  I cant name where these IRL items are specifically (legal stuff!) BUT you can at least check out how her fashions translate from the comic page to IRL and try to track it down yourself! :)  

Babs’ Street Style : Tomboy! 
Lots of people asked about what our approach for Babs’ street style is for this book. For right now, its very tomboy/comfy/cute. Babs’ is dealing with a lot in grad school and fighting crime in her off hours so we figured she would be not the biggest fashionista. She would most 
definitely go for comfy cute before shiny and pink. She never rocks a lot of make or curls her hair before shes goes out the door. BUT Babs’ has got the 5 min makeup routine down and has a hand full of cute go-to hair styles that require minimal effort and can be achieved while running out the door to class! 

Hopefully this is a fun look at the thought process that goes into dressing Babs :) 

- BT